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Amber Jar


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    Prescription Filling

    To have AJP fill a new prescription you can do one of the following:

    - Bring the original paper prescription to the pharmacy

    - Ask your prescriber to call your prescription in at AJP

    - Mail paper prescription with the completed pharmacy registration form to the pharmacy. 

    - Ask our staff to contact your doctor and request a new prescription.

    - Ask your prescriber to e-prescribe your new prescription to Amber Jar Pharmacy.

    - Ask your prescriber to fax your prescription to Amber Jar Pharmacy.

    By Law: Prescription fax forms and e-prescriptions are valid only if sent from a prescriber office.


    Transferring a prescription

    Transferring a prescription to AJP is quick and easy. You can save time by gathering some information about the prescription(s) you want to transfer.  You can find the following information on your current prescription label:

    - Name of your current pharmacy

    - Phone number of your current pharmacy

    - Prescription number at your current pharmacy

    Once you have all of this information gathered, call a member of our staff at 281-860-0080, and ask for a prescription transfer.


    Refilling a prescription

    When you have a week supply left on your current AJP maintenance prescription, contact a member of AJP’s staff at

    281-860-0080 to request a refill using your existing Amber Jar pharmacy prescription number.


    Refill Request Authorization

    If a prescription cannot be refilled AJP will contact your physician to request a new prescription. Most doctor's offices request two to three business days for all requests. However, if a patient is out of medication, it is at the pharmacist's discretion to  "loan out" enough medication (as restricted by law) until his or her doctor approves another refill (we cannot loan on prescriptions that are denied).


    Prior Authorization Requests

    Your health plan may require you to obtain prior authorization before it chooses to pay for a particular medication. If that is the case, we will contact the insurance company and coordinate with the doctor's office to expedite the prescription.