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    Health & Beauty

    AJP is pleased to announce the recent partnership  with Puritan’s Pride a company that had been established for more than 40 years. Puritan’s Pride offers the finest quality products for your health and beauty needs.

    Facial Care
    - Puritan’s Pride Facial Care lets you choose from soap cleansers serums mask waxing strips and more.
    - Puritan’s Pride facial care cream including the popular Retinol Cream moisturize nourish and protect the delicate skin of your face.  Remember facial care is important because your face is very susceptible to the elements and it’s always exposed.
    Hand & Body Care Products

    Why just wash up when you can indulge yourself in a warm, luxurious bubble bath?
    Puritan’s Pride has all kinds of bathing options.  Choose bubble bath, soaps, foam baths or bath salts.  When your bath is done, try a body splash or body oil.

    Hair Care
    Every part of your body needs proper nourishment, even your hair.  Puritan’s Pride hair care products can help your hair stay healthy, too.  These hair care products can give you healthy, strong, radiant hair.

    Dental & Oral Care
    Puritan’s Pride has a wide selection of dental care and oral products.  Dental care and oral care are essential to your overall health.  Put your best smile on for all the world to see with healthy teeth.

    Above Statements not applicable to all products

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